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Take Your Content To The NEXT LEVEL

Share content and get feedback from others to maximize your potential. Set goals and have others to hold you accountable while striving for them.

Tutorials / Tips & Tricks posted daily to master content on every social platform. Custom presets provided to minimize time and money spent along your journey. 

Video Breakdowns of how each viral post is pre-planned and executed. Live recordings of how to take these same editing techniques to monetize your platform.

Whether you're starting a business, trying to blow up on social media, or develop a high priority skill to make some more money..

Simply Wavy Academy is for you.

Doing everything by yourself is extremely hard trying to manage your time, learn a skill, or just figure out what information actually works when looking at thousands of youtube videos.

Simply Wavy Academy allows you to grasp all the information in one location proven to work time and time again. Courses/preset packs and a membership that includes a community tab allowing you to build a support system of other creators. 


Anyone Can Go VIRAL

This Social Media Masterclass with dive into the growth hacks that I've learned over time to skyrocket engagement and ultimately monetize your platform.  

Editing made easy

- How to maintain creative through your content.

- Proper tools to stay consistent.

- SEO growth tricks to keep your content ranking high in the reccomended.

- Preset packs to save money on a professional editor and preserve time spent on editing content.

- A community tab to get feedback on content and help with trends etc.

Social media is all about

Quality and Consistency.

This pack can instantly increase the quality of your work. Also allows you to work quicker with drag and drop effects to improve your consistency. 

  •  Includes 71 unique transition sounds 

  •  Drag and Drop camera shake that can be applied to add movement to Video/Text

  •  Drag and Drop Swipe effects that can be applied to Text/Video 

60 High Quality Sound Effects








- Drag and Drop into your editing timeline

- Various lengths from :04 to :45 seconds in length 

- Live recorded sounds

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